Release Notes

Galaxkey Manager
Bug Fixes : 
1. Download of installable was failing somtimes.
2. 2 Factor Authentication pairing and layour issues.
New Feature
1. Yoti verification and authentication feature for email.
2. New and improved Secure and Send confirmation dialog box while sending email.
Galaxkey Manager
Bug Fixes
1. Digital Document Sign - Issues around third party not able to sign document.
New Features
1. Configuration to set frequency of purging the deleted files in Workspace.

Galaxkey Workspace
Bug Fixes
1. Issue around switching back to Manager Portal from Workspace.
2. Listing refresh issue when workspace loaded with default folder (last folder).
3. Display of deleted members after deletion.
New Features
1. Unzip functionality for .zip files.
2. Ability to move and copy files across workspaces of the same email identity.
3. Functionality to auto purge deleted documents after configured time.
4. Audit of emails sent from Workspace.


Galaxkey Secure Workspace Hybrid Build Version (29th April 2020)

Bug Fix:

  1. Minor bug fix for Workspace Listing large count of Workspaces

Galaxkey Manager (17th April 2020)


  1. When a user signs up as a free user and clicks on the Workspace button, we display a support message

Galaxkey Manager Hybrid Build Version (08th April 2020)

Bug Fix:

  1. Workspace Audit is now sorted by date in descending order
  2. Export for Workspace audit for last 30 days

Galaxkey Secure Workspace Version (05th April 2020)

Bug Fix:

  1. When you directly switch to a folder in a workspace and upload files, the email sending gives an error saying the recipient is not member of the current workspace. This bug is now fixed. 


Galaxkey Secure Workspace Version (05th April 2020)

Bug Fix:

  1. When you are not able to view a file format in the browser, the message is displayed to download the file. This message is now changed to ask the user to download the file and open in the desktop. 

Galaxkey Manager Hybrid Build Version (01st April 2020)

New Feature:

  1. When sending emails via the Hybrid Appliance added a new option to allow to send emails using the senders email address. For this to work, the configured SMTP server should allow relay. If this option is off, the emails will be sent using the SMTP server with Reply To set to the senders email address. This option is configured on the Hybrid Configuration of the Manager Portal.


Galaxkey Manager - Release Version (30th March 2020)

Bug Fixes:

  1. SMS Sending for 2FA is now configured to work via Amazon SMS
  2. Minor bug fixes
  3. Bug fix in Migration from Free user to Corporate users


Release Version (Workspace)

Bug Fixes:

  1. When a new document is created, the editing would fail. This bug is now fixed.
  2. Renaming of file extensions is now restricted to only allowed file formats.
  3. When a first workspace is created in a corporate account, default configuration were not set. They are set now.
  4. Fixed issue of sending garbage email for second recipient when new workspace is created. 

Release Version

Galaxkey Manager : 

  1. Speeding up email sending process: Till previous version, sending of email was synchronous and used to take time to secure and send and get successful response. With the new implementation email messages are queued which improved performance significantly.
  2. Improved performance and speed of Authentication process.
  3. Show/hide password option is added to all the places where user or administrator needs to enter or reset the password.

Bug Fixes :

  1. Geofenced emails with ‘Notification Required’ can be viewed properly.
  2. Emails with large attachments were showing a truncated attachment in other clients, which is fixed.
  3. Classification sequence is now correctly maintained while forwarding classified emails.
  4. Warning message corrected when a free user tries to send a Galaxkey invite.
  5. Free user can compose email. 

Galaxkey Workspaces

Features :

  1. The Workspace Menu is collapsed into a drop-down menu giving more space in the user interface.
  2. Now you can set themes for your login using the Set Themes menu option. This menu option is available in the Workspace Menu
  3. Members listing has been made more compact. Instead of showing text of the access rights, we are now showing icons. If you take the mouse over the icons, it gives a tooltip to specify the icon type. The email option is also moved to the left of the identity.
  4. The entire structure of workspace listing is changed. Now the listing is based on the owner. So, in the listing, the red icon will indicate the user’s identity and owned workspaces. The blue icon will indicate the identities who have shared workspaces with logged in user. This new change makes the experience more focused and narrowed.

Bug Fixes

  1. The authentication speed has vastly improved.
  2. Users can create workspace with similar names owned by other users

Galaxkey Manager : 

Release Version (11 May 2019)

1. Payment Gateway for ‘Personal Essential’  type of license.

2. Performance improvement and optimisation.

Release Version (07 May 2019)

1. Bug fixes.

Release Version (14 April 2019)

1. Seondary password and Workspaces related bug fixes.

2. Fixed issue of opening excel, word 2003 format.

Release Version (09 April 2019)

1. Fixed issue related to service account login.

2. Fixed issue related to classified attachment.