Release Notes

Version (18th August 2022)

1. Fixed issue of classification option not shown in Outlook.

SHA 256: BD542FCBD8D8C30FA88F73661F60DD47EDE916C5C83851EC13B65572CCE19478

Version (26th July 2022)

1. Support for in-house setup

2. Ability to restore secured emails using administrative credentials using desktop application

3. Bug fixes

SHA256 : F15A2314F6E213907DBCAC15C269F68414EEB65BB0C45F14F2CD464A41FB27FD


Version (7th June 2022)

1. Fixed issues related to communication with server

2. Fixed issue of restoring gxk with AD SSO

SHA 256: 6E6F34BC5B229620445074403D00BF39912EBB54A5910732B321C180B6B1C978


Version (11th April 2022)

1. Bug Fixes

SHA 256: 448FA10F04DED7DF47809791A31EEF91F750AB85317EB84DE068B76288449D6D

Version (28th March 2022)

1. Bug Fixes

SHA 256: 4DBA85C443B098E1EA5E428C59E006335C001AF283D8C06B7CCFD1ADCB50B42C


Version (4th Jan 2022)

1. Bug fix

SHA 256 : 6CB7027E0B1BF26E9A17D19C3EB30765F78D29346F20F7B388837AC16B57BE9D

Version (22nd December 2021)

1. Added functionality for subdomain branding.

2. Minor bug fixes.

SHA 256 : 



Version (08 Nov 2021)

1. Added extended policy engine handling.

2. Added blocking of email if it matches a policy.

3. Bug fixes.

SHA 256 : 095F25B891DC63B7B145A27D1589BAB5269D1413F0E0444B4409A8610A2CBFCB

Version (11 Aug 2021)

1. Fixed issue of unregistered identity failing to send plain email

SHA 256 : 876EE03B50E4B7AF567FDE952FCED539A12382203F3F4F3C60FB9D644C374DFF


Version (1st July 2021)

1. Added additional communication layer security

2. Added support for Azure AD authentication as Single Sign On.

3. Bug fixes

SHA 256: E0A8CB9E47866367CAF0C8072F3C3CDB653CA3FCA4B1B3C5D46CFA413C67841D



1. Added Authoorisation feature and corresponding flow to Addin.

2. Made changes to uploading big attachments to workspace to support uploading them without need of extra space locally.

3. Bug Fixes.

SHA256 : A3463AC2B50CFB6835D8ECDDB76149F825936C7CEB30066A77163D7A14015754


1. Added a seperate button to upload large attachments to be uploaded to Workspace. This way there is no cap on size because of restriction by mail server.

2. Bug Fixe : If a policy rule matches for an email with attachment to be uploaded for workspace, the rule matched text was not shown.

SHA256: 9B5D035C8E325D95C1990F1FA5E7C9EED2DA02C24A2E6A3AC02696B0D84C6E05



1. Support for uploading big attachments to Workspaces.

SHA 256 3D66CA8CE2DCC94F3FA3AFAD913202165A0929EE6CD34D5A53A55FCF468F9ACD


1. Support for Yoti authentication and verification.

2. Support for IP filtering for 2FA (Hybrid Setup)

3. Bug fixes.

SHA 256: DEC771D0750E15A5774A0AEB3A92D089BA92629926DFE1C1B0C76183203A6E93


Bug Fixes - Do not secure MS Office file if it is being edited and delete after secure is ON.

Bug Fixes - If user cancels after after pressing "Secure And Send", if "Mark only for encryption" is ON, it was still adding header in email causing it to be secured by Galaxkey Secure Gateway.

SHA 256 :  14B5D60881475C929E4F42B15A3E21BBD367414B60FB0EC7BDCB6C9025DA80A9


Version (3rd January 2020)

Bug fixes

SHA 256 Hash : 8350513C29019998FF8B347D959ACA4C950298620BF2C2681CFAE4AFB20041CB

Version (11th May 2019)

1. Galaxkey for Windows and Galaxkey addin now support 2 factor authentication.

2. More security features added.

3. Bug fixes. Following bugs were fixed

    a. Galaxkey Menu on right click in Outlook was not visible when multiple emails were selected. Severity : Minor.        

    b. Classification rule was missed in case of document classification induced classification in a special                circumstance. Severity : Minor

    c. Issue related to audit record for opening email or opening shared file for owner of GXK. Severity : Minor

Known Issue: User can not preview ".eml" or ".msg" file attachment in "Secondary password" functionality. Affects only the sender side of Secondary Password functionality and has no security impact. Severity : Minor

SHA 256 Hash : D9AF3492F2DF7C47410283D4F5ACD90367B489D6114AAD8C05DD809662761CFB


Version (7th December 2018)

1. Bug fixes. Following bugs were fixed

    a. Message for CC breach was confusing. Fixed the message: Severity : Minor 

    b.Addin showed "Object Reference not set" error message in case of not getting identity due to connectivity     issues at the very first time of usage. Severity : Minor

    c. Fixed issue of adding extra copy of attachment in case of inline images in signature. Severity : Medium  

2. Added audit entry to gxk owner for recipient opening email or shared file.

SHA256 Hash : EC3D5B622C6D824C7165143D95EBABBAE330658155ED1030C298144BAB891D7C

Version (27th August 2018)

1. Added functionality for CC data breach for different domain reccipients.

2. Select all for notificaiton and other options in confirmation dialog box.

4. Bug fixes. Following bugs were fixed

a. Fixed resolution issues. Severity : Medium

b. Fixed issue of date formatting for forward permission. Severity : Minor

c. UI related issue associated with SSO with Okta / AD. Severity : Minor

Version (10th May 2018)

1. Fixed windows display size issues.

2. Other bug fixes.

    a. Classification default selection was not populated correctly. Severity : Minor 

    b. Secondary password related security update. See link below for details.

Security Update :


Version (27th April 2018)

1. Added support for Authorised Data Distribution through Outlook email.

2. Added Support for Email Classification.

3. Implemented new licensing model.

4. Bug Fixes.


Version (4th November 2017)

1. Added support for AD integration and Okta authentication.

2. Added option to refresh identity on demand.

3. Easy access to manager portal from desktop application.

4. Bug fixes

Version (17th Aug 2017)

1. Added audit logs for email and file sharing etc.

2. Bug fixes.

Version (3rd March 2017)

1. Revoke secured email functionality.

2. Securing of forward / reply of secured email.

3. Ability to set "Valid From" for a secured email.

4. Marking of emails sent using GSG as "Encrypted email".

5. Bug Fixes.

Version (26th Jan 2017)

1. AD integration for outlook addin.

2. Per user enabling or disabling using registry keys.

3. Secondary password for attachments.

4. Bug fixes.


Version (9th October 2016)

1. Added functionality for just marking email for encryption for GSG. (Addin)

2. Fixed a proxy settings related bug.

Version (18th July 2016)

Bug fix in Galaxkey for Windows.

Version (4th May 2016)

Bug fixes in Galaxkey Outlook Addin

Version (19th April 2016)

Minor bug fixes in Galaxkey Outlook Addin.

Version (11th April 2016)

1. Added policy based encryption for Addin.

2. Classification based encryption in Addin.

3. Minor bug fixes

Version (15th March 2016)

Minor bug fixes.

Version (11th Feb 2016)

Fixed a setup related bug.

Version (10th Feb 2016)

Galaxkey Addin :

1. Signup for unregistered but configured email.

2. Invitation model for contacts.

3. Bug fixes.

Galaxkey For Windows:

1. More precise email notification for sharing / group formation

2. Better access to Galaxkey folder on Windows 10.

3. Better support for long file path.

4. Bug fixes.

Version (14th Dec. 2015)

Galaxkey Addin : 

1. Addin now available in German language.

2. Addin now supports Sender's domain policy. If the email being sent is outside sender's domain, sender is given choice to send it secured.

3. Supports hosting GSS locaclly for Hybrid installation for opening mail using GWA.

4. Bug Fixes

Galaxkey For Windows

1. Enhancement in user enhancement.

2. Bug fixes.

Version (27th August 2015)

Bug fixes in Galaxkey Addin.

Version (3rd August 2015)

1. Added functionality to have timeout to GXK file in Addin.
2. Fixed the network or vmware path issue where contineous upload / download happens in case of time mismatch between native and hosted OS.
3. Optimized network utilization.
4. Bug Fixes


Version (23rd June 2015)

1. New improved UI.

2. Show current sync status and recent files uploaded / downloaded / shared.

3. When you double click a file which is shared but not downloaded, it opens after downloading.

4. Shows balloon text when vault is in action.

5.Fixed a problem of uploading files if there is a crash.

6. Fixed issue of sending un-nenessarily emails of sharing.

7. Fixed sync problem.



Version (8th May 2015)

1. Fixed an installation bug.

2. Other minor fixes.

Version (28th April 2015)

1. Fixed synchronization bug with offline upload.

2. Fixed a bug where Galaxkey would not secure files on root folder other than C: as well.

Version (28th April 2015)

1. Fixed few synhronization bugs.

2. Clear temporary files at startup.

Version (15th April 2015)

1. Added Galaxkey Tour after installation.

2. Application starts after installation.

3. Tree structure UI for files shared for me.

4. Synchronization and sharing bug fixes.

Version (23rd February 2015)

Fixed a bug in Outlook Addin.

Version (8th February 2015)

1. Fixed a synchronization bug.

2. Fixed corrupt addressbook entry bug in Galaxkey Addin.

Addin New Feature:

1. Added feature of Geofencing. If Geofencing is enabled for a sender (through manager) then the email is sent to configured email address and all recipients of the email just get a link to GWA.

Galaxkey For windows:

New Features
1. It shows baloon text after a shared file is downloaded.
2. Added "Open folder containing" as an option for files shared for me.
3. App now sends email everytime there is addition of files to a shared group. (email is sent after all the shared files are uploaded and are available for downloading)

Version (29th January 2015)

Bug Fixes

  • Synchornisation Fixes
  • Fixed the bug where email was not getting sent for sharing.
  • UI Fixes

Version (25th January 2015)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the editing of a secured file. It was causing problems when 2 word files are opened at a time.
  • Fixed the problem of temp.txt when new path for root folder is specified.

New Features:

  • Added Tab to specify edit folder and options to purge and set the purging while logout.
  • Put logs in a "Log" folder.

Version (23rd January 2015)


  • Made Sync status dialogbox fixed size
  • Made Select identity combobox non editable.

Version (23rd January 2015)

Bug Fixes

  • Files Shared for me: Context menu Open command does not work - It now shows message box to download file if it is not downloaded.
  • Admin Access: When trying to open a secured file using Admin access, the user Password field should be disabled - Fixed
  • When owner of the file / folder is one of the group members with whom the file is shared, the files should not be made available for download to the owner again - Fixed

New Features:

  • Sync Status : on tray icon menu, now there is an option to see current upload download activity by clicking "Sync Status"
  • While exiting the application, if there are any files in Edit folder it confirms with user about exiting the app.

Change :

  • Sharing mails are now sent when a new group is created by a user, user is not sent mail everytime a file is shared now.

Version (22nd January 2015)

Bug Fixes

  • If file is moved in another folder within "Myfolder" it used to get deleted sometimes.
  • Sharing with yourself was disabled.
  • Non registered members of group imported from AD were not geting invited.
  • Fixed size ofdialog box for importing from AD
  • Group was not getting deleted if oyu delete group folder from windows explorer.

Version (20th January 2015)

  • Fixed a bug where commands were not handled (secure / restore / secure for) if app was started using the command.
  • Commands are not give priority over connecting to AWS at startup. so command should execute faster at startup.

Version (19th January 2015)

Galaxkey For Windows

  • Ability to show the file sharing information. (Who all the file is secured for) - Ricght click -> Properties now shows a tab called "Galaxkey" which has information of who is the owner and who all the file is secured for. This is shown only if you select single file and file is a Galaxkey Secured file.
  • Fix bug related to timeout for multiple identities - GSS now considers least timeout of the identities of loggedin users.
  • Threading of the folder and file securing - GSS now does not block main thread if you are securing / restoring or securing files for someone. It does it on a seperate thread.
  • Ability to import AD groups in Secure for. GSS now allows to import groups from AD.
  • Fixed the bug where selection email address in group was not clean (sticky selection)
  • Ability to open the document by administrator. If a document is not secured for the logged in user, user can open it using admin credentials.
  • Depending on the configuration option, if GSS is disabled, then show a message for Add to Cloud and Share that the Galaxkey for cloud synchronisation is not available. (This message is shown as bubble tip)
  • Implement the Auto Update functionality only if allowed by the backend
  • Added remember Me check box to login of GSS. This will allow application to start without asking for passwordat the startup. Timeout will still be enforced.

Galaxkey Addin

  • Change icons for all the option in the Addin.
  • Do not show "Secure Send Confirmation" dialog box if user has set the option.
  • Check if there is customisation of email text for secured mail and use that.
  • Implement the Auto Update functionality only if allowed by the backend
  • Ability to force sending mail to be secured if this option is set for a user.

Version - Updated (17th December 2014)

  • Fixed the trojen reported by Nano AV for VB script in setup.
  • Fixed addin to create lowercase identity key on server. (Incase of mixed case email it was making it mixed case and GSS / GWA looked for lower case)
  • Partially added code for forced encryption while sending email.
  • Added functionality to resend Invite in Addin.
  • Added Verify for SSL
  • Fixed the problem where user would get error "file not found" while opening secured file because of cleaning Edit folder.

Version (13th December 2014)

  • Taken out word "Beta" from the version shown in the configuration dialog box.
  • Fixed a bug if the first shared file downloaded from someone is ".gxk" it would give "Path not found" error.

Version (9th December 2014)

  • Made sure Senders email is the last in the URL of GWA in the email.

Version 1.1.1 (9th December 2014)

  • Combined setup for addin and GSS
  • Fixed issue in GSS where gxk will not open if the type is email and the subject has invalid file characters in it.
  • If email type GXK is restored in GSS, the extension was not set to .eml