Release Notes

Version (26th Jan 2017)

1. AD integration for outlook addin.

2. Per user enabling or disabling using registry keys.

3. Secondary password for attachments.

4. Bug fixes.


Version (9th October 2016)

1. Added functionality for just marking email for encryption for GSG. (Addin)

2. Fixed a proxy settings related bug.

Version (18th July 2016)

Bug fix in Galaxkey for Windows.

Version (4th May 2016)

Bug fixes in Galaxkey Outlook Addin

Version (19th April 2016)

Minor bug fixes in Galaxkey Outlook Addin.

Version (11th April 2016)

1. Added policy based encryption for Addin.

2. Classification based encryption in Addin.

3. Minor bug fixes

Version (15th March 2016)

Minor bug fixes.

Version (11th Feb 2016)

Fixed a setup related bug.

Version (10th Feb 2016)

Galaxkey Addin :

1. Signup for unregistered but configured email.

2. Invitation model for contacts.

3. Bug fixes.

Galaxkey For Windows:

1. More precise email notification for sharing / group formation

2. Better access to Galaxkey folder on Windows 10.

3. Better support for long file path.

4. Bug fixes.

Version (14th Dec. 2015)

Galaxkey Addin : 

1. Addin now available in German language.

2. Addin now supports Sender's domain policy. If the email being sent is outside sender's domain, sender is given choice to send it secured.

3. Supports hosting GSS locaclly for Hybrid installation for opening mail using GWA.

4. Bug Fixes

Galaxkey For Windows

1. Enhancement in user enhancement.

2. Bug fixes.

Version (27th August 2015)

Bug fixes in Galaxkey Addin.

Version (3rd August 2015)

1. Added functionality to have timeout to GXK file in Addin.
2. Fixed the network or vmware path issue where contineous upload / download happens in case of time mismatch between native and hosted OS.
3. Optimized network utilization.
4. Bug Fixes


Version (23rd June 2015)

1. New improved UI.

2. Show current sync status and recent files uploaded / downloaded / shared.

3. When you double click a file which is shared but not downloaded, it opens after downloading.

4. Shows balloon text when vault is in action.

5.Fixed a problem of uploading files if there is a crash.

6. Fixed issue of sending un-nenessarily emails of sharing.

7. Fixed sync problem.



Version (8th May 2015)

1. Fixed an installation bug.

2. Other minor fixes.

Version (28th April 2015)

1. Fixed synchronization bug with offline upload.

2. Fixed a bug where Galaxkey would not secure files on root folder other than C: as well.

Version (28th April 2015)

1. Fixed few synhronization bugs.

2. Clear temporary files at startup.

Version (15th April 2015)

1. Added Galaxkey Tour after installation.

2. Application starts after installation.

3. Tree structure UI for files shared for me.

4. Synchronization and sharing bug fixes.

Version (23rd February 2015)

Fixed a bug in Outlook Addin.

Version (8th February 2015)

1. Fixed a synchronization bug.

2. Fixed corrupt addressbook entry bug in Galaxkey Addin.

Addin New Feature:

1. Added feature of Geofencing. If Geofencing is enabled for a sender (through manager) then the email is sent to configured email address and all recipients of the email just get a link to GWA.

Galaxkey For windows:

New Features
1. It shows baloon text after a shared file is downloaded.
2. Added "Open folder containing" as an option for files shared for me.
3. App now sends email everytime there is addition of files to a shared group. (email is sent after all the shared files are uploaded and are available for downloading)

Version (29th January 2015)

Bug Fixes

Version (25th January 2015)

Bug Fixes

New Features:

Version (23rd January 2015)


Version (23rd January 2015)

Bug Fixes

New Features:

Change :

Version (22nd January 2015)

Bug Fixes

Version (20th January 2015)

Version (19th January 2015)

Galaxkey For Windows

Galaxkey Addin

Version - Updated (17th December 2014)

Version (13th December 2014)

Version (9th December 2014)

Version 1.1.1 (9th December 2014)