Galaxkey software to download

  • Operating System:Windows
    Purpose:Galaxkey desktop app for Windows. The install package includes Galaxkey Addin for Microsoft Outlook.
 Galaxkey for iOS
  • Operating System:iOS 5.1 and Above
    Purpose:Send and Open secured email
    Platform:iOS 5.1+
 Galaxkey for Android
  • Operating System:Android 3.0 and Above
    Purpose:Open Secured emails
    Platform:Android 3.0+
 Galaxkey for Blackberry
  • Operating System:7.1
    Purpose:Send and Open secured email
    Platform:Blackberry 7.1
 Galakey for Mac OSX
  • Operating System:OS X Mountain Lion+
    Purpose:Galaxkey desktop app for Mac OSX. Read and Send Secured emails. Open Secured Documents.
    Platform:OS X Mountain Lion+